Bulla Gastrobar is a fun casual gathering place inspired by the most popular tapas restaurants in Spain.

It is the brainchild of the former owner of Por Fin, Carlos Centurion.
Much like those famous gastrobars in Spain, the bar at Bulla is the center
of attraction, but the emphasis is on quality gastronomic creations.

Bulla (boo-ya), which is slang for chatter and what people are talking about, is devoted to delight you by serving your favorite Spanish and Catalan dishes such as “Patatas Bravas”, “Huevos Bulla”, Buñuelos de Bacalao and other tapas
as well as tantalizing daily specials from our kitchen.

We select only the finest and freshest ingredients, accented in our authentic, savory cuisine. Our ambiance is created to stir the senses and stimulate your appetite.
We invite you to join us to indulge in a celebration of good taste.